The MAVEN Project

Lynn Community Health Center is partnering with The MAVEN Project to give our patients quicker and more convenient access to specialists through telemedicine.

The Medical Alumni Volunteer Expert Network, knows as The MAVEN Project, is a nonprofit organization which is creating a national corps of semi-retired, retired and other experienced physicians willing to donate their time to medically underserved areas. Lynn Community Health Center began a partnership with The MAVEN Project in February 2016.

Why telemedicine at LCHC

  • It can take a long time to get a specialist appointment.  With The MAVEN Project patients see a specialist sooner than if they booked an office appointment.
  • Patients are seen here at the Lynn Community Health Center - they don’t have to travel elsewhere.
  • A Lynn Community Health Center medical provider is present during the consultation to provide information and support.

Read the Feb. 2016 Press Release