Healthy Happenings in Lynn, March 2014

Lynn Community Health Center is proud to be a part of the city-wide Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance.  The goal of this collaborative is to promote healthy eating and active living by changing the environment in which we live, work, and play.  Below is the March issue of “Healthy Happenings.”  

Healthy Corner Stores:  Please support Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance’s Healthy Market/ Corner Store project. There are two healthy markets/ corners stores in Lynn now:

·      Richdale Convenience Store, 458 Chatham Street, Lynn, and
·      Amigos Market, 355 Summer Street, Lynn.

At these stores, look for the healthy market signs to find something good to eat!

Healthy Dining:: We have 2 healthy dining partners in Lynn: Brothers Deli and Christopher’s Café.  We have 3 new restaurants that are interested in joining the healthy dining initiative in Lynn.  Stay tuned next month for the newest partners!

Safe Routes to Schools:  Lynn Woods Elementary School and Aborn Elementary School are now active Safe Routes to Schools participants. Safe Routes to Schools promotes safe walking and biking to school for students who live within a mile of the school.  If you would like Safe Routes to School to help make your children’s walk to school a little safer, please contact us:

Move More:

Winter is not over and it is still cold out.  It is hard to get outside still, but don’t let the season keep you from working out! Try these indoor exercises to get your heart moving:

·      Step up stairs: step up and down one stair at a time;
·      Hold the plank for 30 seconds and add 10 seconds every three days;
·      Dance! Turn up that music and dance around your house with your family;
·      Do lunges in front of the TV;
·      Jumping jacks;
·      Fill up water bottles and do bicep curls.

Volunteer: The Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance is always looking for volunteers to help us with various projects around Lynn. The Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance works to increase the opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity in Lynn. Check out our website for more information: or contact us if you are interested!