Healthy Happenings in Lynn - February 2014

Healthy February Happenings in Lynn

Lynn Community Health Center is proud to be a part of the city-wide Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance.  The goal of this collaborative is to promote healthy eating and active living by changing the environment in which we live, work, and play.  Below is the February issue of “Healthy Happenings.”  

Healthy Corner Store: Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance is proud to announce that Richdale Convenience Store, 458 Chatham Street, Lynn is a Mass in Motion Healthy Market. 

The Mass in Motion Healthy Market Program works with local convenience store owners to make healthy food and drink options available. By promoting healthy options, the local markets are helping to make healthy choices easier for customers in Lynn.

Richdale Convenience has worked with the Lynn Youth Health Alliance, the youth engagement arm of Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance to make healthier options available to students and community members who shop at the store. Richdale Convenience offers produce options as well as healthy snacks such as baked chips, low-sodium nuts, yogurt and water.  Recently, students in the Lynn Youth Health Alliance hung signs provided by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health throughout the store to let customers know that it is officially a healthy market.  Please stop by Richdale Convenience to let them know you are patronizing them because they are a healthy market!

Snow getting you down?: Celebrate the snow by getting out there and being physical in it! Kids love to sled or run outside and it is a great cardiovascular exercise to shovel.  Also, did you know that homeowners, property owners and business owners can be fined $50.00 by the City of Lynn for failing to shovel after a storm? So get out there, shovel, get some exercise and save some money!  For more information about the snow shovel fine, please see:

Volunteer: The Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance is always looking for volunteers to help us with various projects around Lynn. The Lynn Food and Fitness Alliance works to increase the opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity in Lynn. Check out our website for more information: or contact us if you are interested!