Integration Care Project Director- Behavioral Health


The Integration Care Manager works as part of the Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration Team. The main purpose of the Primary and Behavioral Health Integration Program is to increase access to primary care, improve health outcomes, and reduce the per capita cost of care for clients with serious mental illness. The Integration Care Manager plans, schedules and oversees all project activities towards the successful execution of assigned milestones and tasks, manages available resources to ensure outcomes are delivered on-time, on budget and within defined scope. The Integration Care Manager facilitates integration by coordinating the PBHCI Integrated Treatment Team, facilitates team meetings and leads the PBHCI Coordination Team. The Integration Care Manager also coordinates performance assessment, data collection, and reporting and is responsible for evaluation and continuous quality improvement for the program.



  • Managing all aspects of project planning and implementation of the Integration and Coordination Program, including establishing necessary policies and procedures, and managing the project budget.
  • Providing support and education and acting as a resource for project staff
  • Collaborating closely and actively with the Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Clinical Operations Officer and other members of the health center’s clinical and administrative leadership team.  
  • Collecting and evaluating data related to clinical and operational performance, identifying trends and issues, and facilitating the development of action plans toward performance  improvement
  • Designing and implementing plans for sustainability and working actively and collaboratively with multiple constituencies and stakeholders, including SAMHSA, the hospital, payers, and other agencies involved in the evaluation of the project.


Demonstrates knowledge of culture by successfully completing the on-line training on Cultural Competence. Utilizes an appreciation of and respect for diversity when interacting with patients/clients, team members and staff from other departments



Reports to the Chief Behavioral Health Officer, and may also take direction from the Executive Director, Chief Medical Officer, or the Chief of Clinical Operations. The Project Director provides administrative direction to all project staff.



  • Advanced degree in a behavioral health or registered nurse profession with full licenses in Massachusetts to practice clinically. 
  • Demonstrated experience leading internal and/or external project teams
  • Demonstrated skills and experience in collaboration, negotiation, problem identification and resolution and strong teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of health information technology in primary care settings, including design and use of data to improve quality
  • Limited travel to conferences and trainings required

Job Posting# 18-193