Family Physician

LCHC has experienced exponential growth over the past decade, and currently serves more than 39,000 patients—40% of those who live in our diverse community.  Our staff of 550 reflects the community we serve, giving us the ability to deliver services in 15 of the 31 languages our patients speak, the most common of which are Khmer, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.  Our aim is to make your work as a LCHC physician the embodiment of the altruism and the search for meaningful work that you expressed so passionately in the personal statement portion of your medical school application.

We are seeking physicians who are committed to serving the underserved, have a deep respect for the cultural diversity of our community, and are dedicated to reducing health disparities that often come with poverty and disenfranchisement.  The pursuit of social justice pushes us to treat every one of our patients and colleagues with the utmost respect and dignity, in our aim to deliver the very best health care to even our most complicated patient.

LCHC is unique in the degree of integration between behavioral health (BH) and primary care (PC).  Our model of integrated care aims to engage patients and invites them to become active participants in their health care.  In both physical and functional perspectives, LCHC physicians practice closely with behavioral health providers, and our ratio of BH providers to PC providers is about 2 to 1.  This is a terrific opportunity to work collaboratively with behavioral health staff, in addition to nurses practicing at the top of their license.

Our deep commitment to performance improvement offers many opportunities to not only become involved in innovative, collaborative projects with creative colleagues but also to develop formal Lean skills.

Our preference is for full-time physicians but we also offer part time opportunities.  The needs of our community are such that there is no shortage of clinical opportunities.   We offer full spectrum, prenatal to death care.   Each physician chooses the spectrum most appropriate to his or her passion:  procedures of choice, with or without prenatal care, with or without obstetric care in the hospital, with or without pediatric rounding. 

Core Responsibilities

  • Embrace collaborative care, exemplify deep respect for people in words and actions, commit to personal and team based continuous improvement
  • Within the framework of team based care, the physician is responsible for the medical care, treatment and education of patients throughout their life cycles; for their transfer to the hospital and specialized referral when necessary; and for the supervision and education of all other team members in regard to direct patient care. 
  • Finish all notes and respond to all EMR based queries within 72 hours

Special Duties and Responsibilities

  • Respond to medical emergencies
  • Participate in population based management
  • Assume “phone call” responsibility
  • Participate in regular team and clinician wide meetings
  • Work one evening a week (no obligatory weekend duty)

Special Requirements

  • Become a buprenorphine certified prescriber (training offered at LCHC) and consider treating all patients on your team’s panel

Supervision received and exercised

  • Program guidance and administrative supervision are received from the Medical Director; professional guidance is received from peers, or higher trained specialist if available.  The physician will also assume supervisory responsibilities to assigned staff of Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants, nurses, & students.


  • Must be Board Certified (Board Eligible if within 2 years of residency graduation) in Family Medicine and be eligible for a Massachusetts license for the practice of medicine
  • Must have completed full ACGME accredited residency training
  • Must possess (or be eligible for) MCSR and DEA numbers to dispense restricted medications

Additional qualifications (not required)

  • Bilingual, with particular interest in Spanish, Russian, Khmer, or Arabic speaking clinicians
  • Experience in working in underserved communities
  • Experience in performance improvement

Job Posting Numbers 16-146,16-162